30 People, 9 Ethnicity’s, Brunswick Stew and Jesus

Last Sunday I saw something amazing…there were nearly thirty people in my home, and among them about 9 different ethnicity’s were represented, only Jesus could construct something so beautiful. A true tapestry of His creation, of His children. God seems to be shaping something much bigger than talent or ability to contrive.

We ate together, shared our lives, read from the scriptures, and worshipped with songs and prayer. It was altogether beautiful. My hope is that as we grow together, in true gospel community, that we would begin to not only invite people to be a part, but extend that reality into every arena of life. This would bring true change to the city.


  1. Crump, love it man. We share your vision man and God is starting to do some cool multi-ethnic works in our network. Thanks for this post – encouraging to read

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